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Welcome to my website page Website Income.
My name is Noreen.

Two of the many questions I get asked (nothing to do with salads) is why and how I built this website. So I thought I would put those 2 answers right up front for everyone to read, so I wouldn't have to keep repeating myself.

1. Why I built this website.

I built this website to share my collection of salad recipes and knowledge with as many people as possible. I believe in eating healthy foods and that by eating such foods, that we generally live better.(less illnesses, stronger immune systems, etc.)

2. How I built this website.

I built this website without any technical knowledge or computer knowledge. I signed up with a company called Solo Build It. They provided everything in easy baby steps that even I could understand and then they took over all the technical stuff. All I pretty much had to do was type what I wanted to say into little blocks and click a button and there it was. All done.

3. Do I earn Money with this website.

Yes I do. You have probably noticed the ads (by google) scattered over the pages. Those are the basis for my Website Income. Everytime someone CLICKS on an ad - I get paid. Also, I get commissions from the sales of all the cook books on my Cook Book Page. I haven't started to make very much yet, but a fellow employee at work (he is also with the same Solo Build It company) told me that he makes around $1100 - 1500 per month. I have also read testimonials from other SBIers that make over $3000 a month.

4. Can Anyone do it.

Anyone that can read, follow instructions, and has knowledge about something that they can write about - can do this and have a residual Website Income.

It is great for retirees - something to do + earn extra income.

It's a great part-time job - additional money, little work.(Your website works 24/7, even when you sleep or go on vacation)

It's great for stay-at-home Moms - generate additional income while raising the kids at home.

Anyone that wants more information on how to build a profitable website -

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