Not Just for Vegetarians
Veggie Cobb Salad Recipe

This Veggie Cobb Salad Recipe isn’t necessarily for vegetarians – I like it, and I’m a meat lover. Sometimes you just need to get away from all that meat for a meal or two. The best part is that you can substitute your favourite veggies or add some fruits to liven it up.

You can even use your favourite dressing on this simple veggie salad recipe. You really won't find an easier salad to customize anywhere. That is how the oiginal Cobb salad started anyway.

This veggie cobb recipe is for one individual serving - but you can easily double it or even quadruple it for more people.

Just layer everything on a large platter and let your company or family help themselves.

Veggie Cobb Salad Recipe


• 1 hard boiled egg - quartered

• 1 cup iceberg lettuce - shredded

• 1 tomato - quartered

• 2 tbsp (30 ml) sliced olives –drained

• ½ cup shaved celery stalk OR • ½ cup shaved asparagus stalk (no tips)

• 3 green onions – chopped (for garnish – optional)

• 1 bottle Ranch salad dressing or your favourite creamy type


1. Prepare each type of veggie, as outlined above.

2. Place the shredded lettuce on a lunch plate.

3. Arrange each type of veggie over the top of the lettuce.

4. Drizzle with some of the Ranch dressing or your favourite dressing.

Yield: This Veggie Cobb recipe serves 1


1. For a larger gathering you can double the amounts and arrange everything on a large serving platter and let your guests help themselves to build their own salads.

2. You can substitute different vegetables for the celery or asparagus.

3. You can add a fruit of your choice, such as apple slices, fresh cantaloupe or honeydew, OR a drained canned fruit.

4. For numerous recipes for home-made dressings - click here.

5. If you prefer vinaigrettes - click here

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