Sweet Potato Salad Recipes
A new Dimension of Potato Salads

Sweet Potato Salad Recipes use sweet potatoes or yams as their base ingredient. The natural sweetness of this type of potato creates a wonderful sweet tasting salad for any time of year.

Any number of additional ingredients can be used and various types of dressing also.

Southern style Sweet Potato salad - with raisins, and walnuts and a sweet and zesty honey and mustard mayo dressing. A super tasting salad.

The addition of eggs to the ingredients along with a healthy shot of mustard really make this a hearty and tangy Sweet Potato Salad. A filling salad for your hungry crew.

The binding ingredient here is Mayonnaise which blends the celery and peppers, onions and walnuts all together with the sweet potato.

The addition of cumin creates the smokey flavour in this rich and creamy Sweet Potato Smokey Salad. Perfect to serve at a BBQ.

The cilantro lime dressing creates a wonderful refreshing flavour in this Caribbean Sweet Potato Salad. Great on a hot summer's day.

For Instructions on How to Prepare Sweet Potatoes for use in Salads - Click Here

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