Squeeze Dry Spinach
for thawed or fresh cooked

Every cook needs to know how to squeeze dry spinach, since no one wants to eat a soggy mess.

The spinach doesn't squeeze dry completely, but using the method below will remove most of the liquid and will allow you to use it in recipes or just as a cooked vegetable.

For this tutorial, I am using frozen chopped spinach, which is the worst to squeeze dry.

This method also works well to squeeze dry freshly cooked spinach, since your hands do not actually touch the hot spinach.

To thaw the package of frozen spinach, you can either leave it to thaw on it's own in a colander in the sink (or over a bowl).


You can thaw it in the microwave - much quicker, if you're in a hurry.

This is the package of blue cloths that I use, both at home and at work.

They are versatile and cheap. If you don't want to keep it - it's not expensive to throw it out ($.10).

I find that the chopped spinach doesn't stick to it terribly much and it doesn't give off any lint.

Once the spinach is thawed, from the microwave - drain it a bit in a colander.

Open one blue towel up and lay it flat on the counter.

Dump the spinach from the colander into the center.

Fold one side over the top and then the opposite side over that.

Twist one end a few turns.

Twist the other end a few turns - IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

Now - grab both twisted ends, and holding the towel over the sink, keep twisting the ends - really tight.

This action will squeeze the water out of the spinach and you will have dry (well, drier) spinach.

Here is the squeeze dried spinach.

Notice how little of the dry chopped spinach is stuck to the blue towel.

Recipes for Squeeze dry Spinach

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