Simple Summer Salads
to kick your summer and taste buds into high gear.

Simple Summer Salads is just what the doctor ordered - with simple salads being the key here. No-one wants to overdo it on a hot summer day...

BUT what if you could have outstanding flavour with no extra work??? Wouldn't that get your attention.

Well - here I have collected a few summer salads from around the world, which are still completely simple and yet amazingly tasty.

Simple and Tasty Salads for Summer

From Asia - we have Asian Salads, which is a simple chopped romaine base mixed with coleslaw and topped with onions, sweet peppers, some snap peas and served with some slivered almonds and/or wonton strips. The recommended dressing is either an Asian Sesame or Carrot Ginger Dressing. It really has nice crunchy textures and flavours to liven up your summer.

From Arabia - there is this really simple Arab Salad which the local people eat before their meals. It is composed of tomatoes, cucumbers, an onion and some parsley. The dressing is just as sparse and simple. A really quick dish to put together on a hot summer day.

From Germany - here is their famous Wurst Salat - this fare is often eaten in late afternoon and is served at nearly all pubs and bars at that time of day. We are not always able to get the German "wurst" - I substitute bologna and find it is just fine. The dressing really makes this simple summer meal super appealing.

From Italy - OHH my - so many choices of Italian Salads. The Italians like to use a bit of radicchio in their salads, which is slighty tart and they then balance that out with the simple dressing. This is the Italian Field Salad.

From Greece - this is a SUPER SIMPLE one. The Greeks usually prefer salads with lots of vegetables and NO lettuce. BUT, in this one it is just the opposite. All lettuce - nothing else. How simple is that? Perfect for summer salads

From the Dominican Republic - This Ensalada Verde Recipe could actually be used as a light lunch, since it incorporates hard boiled eggs with lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes. The locals always make these simple summer salads for every festive occasion, as well as throughout the year.

From Vietnam - here is the Saigon Salad. Even though Saigon was renamed in 1975, the salad name remained as was. This simple summer dish is a lovely combination of fruits and herbs with Mixed Greens. The Saigon Dressing is an absolute must to experience the proper oriental flavours.

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