How to Shave Cucumber for Salads

By learning how to shave cucumber you will be able to replicate those lovely shaved cucumber salads.

With a mandolin - this is an easy task, but by hand with just a kitchen knife, it becomes a bit more tricky to shave a cucumber.

First - remove any wrapping, and wash the outer skin with cool water.

Dry the cucumber with paper towels.

Slice off the butt ends and discard. These are very bitter.

If you have a mandolin, position it over your bowl and slide the whole length of the cucumber down it to shave off a strip.

Your first few passes will result with just skin strips - discard these.

Continue to shave the cucumber and you will have a nice pile of thin long strips for your salads.

If you are going to shave your cucumber by hand - here are a few tips.

A) cut the cucumber in half crosswise - the full length is too difficult to manage.

B) cut the cucumber in half lengthwise and shave from the inside out.

C) if the cucumber is thin - you can use a peeler to shave off thin strips.

If the cucumber is too wide for the peeler - stand the piece of cucumber on a cutting board and shave off thin strips with a sharp serrated kitchen knife.

When you get near the end, it will become difficult to hold it upright - so lay it down and shave off the last few strips this way.

Here is a bowl of shaved cucumber done with a knife - not as pretty as when done with a mandolin, but still edible.

Some Shaved Cucumber Recipes

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