Sandwich Salads - from boring to interesting


Try some of my sandwich salads recipes to perk up your lunches.

Most people eat a sandwich (or two) for lunch from the time they enter school and on into the work force. There are only so many types of cut meat that are used for a sandwich and only so many different condiments.

After a number of years this becomes pretty boring.

You have probably had egg salad or tuna salad at some time before. WEREN'T THEY GOOD?

These are actually really easy to make and HOME-MADE SANDWICH SALADS are also better for you because my sandwich recipes do not have preservatives or an over-abundance of salt.

Did you know that most pre-cut packaged meats contain not only unhealthy preservatives, but also have numerous other chemicals added to them?? Have you ever checked the sodium content on some of these?

If you want to eat healthier, smarter, cheaper, and have a variety of good tasting sandwich salads for your lunches - then read on.

If you have left-over chicken, turkey, roast beef or roast pork sitting in your refrigerator - you can make excellent salads for your sandwich from these recipes. My sandwich salads do not contain any additives to preserve them, nor any chemicals. They are easy and simple salads to prepare - made with common kitchen ingredients.

You can still top off your sandwich with some lettuce or a slice of tomato or cheese. These extras allow you to vary the taste so you aren't eating EXACTLY the same sandwich for 2 or 3 days in a row.

For more variety - try some different types of bread for your sandwich - such as pumpernickel or sour dough bread, whole wheat or rye. These various breads will add a new dimension to your sandwich.

You could even use buns or rolls for a change. Even on crackers, these salads are great as a snack, a quick lunch or you can fancy them up for canapes or appetizers.

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