Salmon Salad Sandwiches is an easy way to get the benefits of this nutrient rich seafood and is a very healthy alternative to processed lunch meats.

We are all being told to consume more fish in our diets but we certainly don't want fish for every meal.

Here is a basic salmon sandwiches salad with a list of optional ingredients to create your own simple salad recipe.

By varying the ingredients you can change the flavours so it tastes different every time.

Choosing different breads can have a large impact on the taste of your sandwiches as well - such as the pumpernickel below.

Salad Recipe for Salmon Sandwiches

Salmon Sandwiches Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1 6 oz (17g) can of salmon OR 3/4 cup (180 ml) of cooked salmon
  • 1 tbsp (15 ml) real mayo
  • salt & pepper to taste

Salmon Sandwiches Recipe Method:

1. Drain the canned salmon - place salmon in a small bowl and break apart

2. Add the other ingredients

3. Mix well

Salmon Sandwiches Recipe Yield:  2 thick sandwiches

Salmon Sandwiches Recipe Optional Ingredients

diced green onion

squirt of lemon juice

diced celery

diced sweet peppers

sliced tomato

lettuce leaves

sliced cucumber

Salmon in a salad form also makes great looking & great tasting canapes. Like the picture on the right - they sure look tempting.

Did you know

- that salmon is high in protein.

- that salmon has lots of Omega 3

- that salmon has lots of Vitamin D as well

- that salmon has lots of other vitamins like B12, niacin, selenium, and B6

- that salmon has lots of magnesium and calcium

- that wild salmon is higher than "farmed" fish in vitamin and mineral content

- that most canned salmon is the wild fish.

- that canned salmon is just as good for you as fresh.

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