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Rice Dessert Recipes

Rice Dessert Recipes are eaten all over the world and have been for centuries. It is one of the oldest forms of a simple dessert recipe.

Simple rice pudding and fruit or a fruit sauce make a great combination.

Rice pudding or Sticky pudding or sweet rice, as it is called in some parts of the world, can be made with most types of rice and milk. It can even be made with plain left-over cooked rice.

Most rice desserts use a sweetener such as sugar, syrup or fruit to give it some additional flavour as well as some different spices.

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Rice Dessert Recipes

Rice Dessert from Around the World

German "Milchreis" is made with rice & milk, with sugar and cinnamon added for flavouring. It is often served as a dessert with apple sauce, roter Gr├╝tze or cherries.(roter Grutze is a combination of summer berries cooked down to a sauce)

Hungarian "Tejberizs" is made with rice, raisins, cinnamon and/or cocoa powder.

Ukrainian is traditionally served at Christmas with dried fruits and nuts mixed into the rice dessert as a simple salad recipe.

The Swedes and other Nordic countries serve their rice dessert at the Christmas table and throughout the winter months. It is sometimes mixed with oranges as a simple salad recipe. The fancier dessert version has whipped cream, almonds and vanilla and is often served with a chilled cherry or strawberry sauce.

In Jamaica and other tropical countries, the rice pudding is made with whole milk, beaten egg yolks, allspice, white sugar, rum soaked raisins, vanilla extract, and butter. Optional dessert ingredients could include toasted coconut or crushed fresh fruit.

In the British Isles, it is a popular common dessert. It is made with rice, milk, cream, and sugar and is sometimes flavoured with vanilla extract, a sprinkling of nutmeg, a dash of cinnamon and sometimes eaten with a dollop of jam.

In North America, a diverse number of recipes for rice dessert arrived with the European immigrants. More recently though, Asian, and Caribbean recipes have become more popular.


Rice Pudding as a dessert, can be served in Parfait Glasses or Wine Glasses for a fancy dessert, or just in a plain bowl. For fun - it can be served in a shooter glass or just a small juice glass.

If you plan on layering the dessert  ingredients (fruits) as in a simple fruit salad recipe - a clear glass makes a more appealing presentation, especially for company.

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