Recipe for 4 Bean Rice Salad

In this recipe for 4 Bean Rice Salad, you can use up any left-over beans from a previous meal or just open a few cans of your favourite ones.
If you are not partial to a sweet and tart dressing – you can use your favourite bottled vinaigrette instead. Just remember to add more than you think you will need - because the rice will absorb some of the liquid.


1. Prepare all salad ingredients as outlined in Ingredients and place into a medium sized bowl. Stir to mix all the ingredients and to break up any lumps of rice.

2. In a separate small bowl or jar – combine the dressing ingredients. Either whisk or shake to combine the ingredients. Immediately (before it separates) pour the dressing over the bean & rice combination and stir salad to combine.

3. Serve or refrigerate til needed.

Yield: Serves 6 - 8


1. I also added a few spoons of left-over corn kernels - just to use them up.

2. If you are going to let it sit for awhile before eating - you may need to add more dressing since the rice will absorb some of it.

3. I prefer to make this recipe for 4 bean rice salad a day ahead and leave it in the frig overnight to meld all the flavours together.

4. You can use any combination of beans, or just 1 type of bean, if you prefer.

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