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Potato Salad Recipes

Potato Salad Recipes are pretty well world wide today, although at one time potatoes were only found in Peru and northern Bolivia. Now potatoes are grown in nearly every country of the world.

Potato Salad Recipes

Potato Salads are generally eaten cold, although there are a few classified as “Warm Potato Salads” which are prepared as soon as the potatoes are cooked and then eaten right away. The majority of Potato Salads are refrigerated.

Recipes for Potato Salad can contain any number of ingredients from hard boiled eggs to onions, peppers, celery, peas, corn, pickles, olives, cheese, radishes, beans and even tomatoes, just to name a few.

The dressings used to bind the potato salad together can be made with mayonnaise, Miracle Whip, yogurt or sour cream. Other versions use an oil based dressing similar to a vinaigrette.

Nearly every country in the world has their own Potato Salad Recipes and then there are a myriad of that version.

Below are just a few of the thousands of recipes available all over the world.

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North German Potato Salad Potato Mushroom Salad Potato Egg Salad Spring Ham Potato Salad Basic Potato Salad Polish Vegetable Salad Cheddar Bacon Potato Salad Continental Potato Salad Potato Salsa Salad German Warm Potato salad

Brief History of Potatoes

There are over 5,000 species of cultivated potatoes PLUS over 200 wild varieties in the world today.

The potatoes grown in North America were introduced by settlers from Europe. So the potato had to travel across the Atlantic to Europe (from Mexico to Spain) and then from Europe back across the Atlantic to North America.

En route, as the sailors stopped at various islands along the way to refresh their supplies, they also planted some potatoes. In most cases – these grew very well – and they would then have a source of fresh supplies upon their return.

General Uses

• Potatoes can be used to brew alcoholic beverages such as vodka, potcheen, or akvavit.

• Potatoes can also be used as food for domestic animals.

• Potato starch is used in:

A) the food industry, such as thickeners of soups and sauces

B) the textile industry, as adhesives and

C) in the manufacturing of papers and boards.

• Potato skins, along with honey, are used as a folk remedy in India for soothing burns.

• In culinary dishes.

Culinary Versatility

Potatoes can be prepared in many ways: skin-on or off, whole or cut up, seasoned or not.

They can be added to stews, casseroles and soups. They can be grated and made into pancakes or mashed and made into dumplings.

They can be boiled, baked, steamed, pan fried, deep fried, roasted, scalloped and micro waved.

Most potato dishes are served hot, but some are cooked first, and then served cold, such as potato salads and potato chips.

Boiled potatoes can require anywhere from 10 and 25 minutes to completely cook, depending on their type and size, to become tender.

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