Pasta Salad Recipes
Best Cold Pasta Recipes

Pasta Salad Recipes have long been used to create a favourite side dish or main course.

With my various Pasta Salad Recipes you will now be able to mix up the menu and create many more mouth pleasing favourites.

Just imagine wowing your family and friends with new pasta creations at your next meal or BBQ.

"Do you remember pasta salads as nothing more than cold macaroni with mayonnaise?

Well, things have changed

Today the term pasta salad can be an Asian Salad Recipe with Oriental noodles or wonton strips or a Shrimp Salad Recipe.

Pasta Salad Recipes options are limited only by our imaginations. Grocery stores now offer a large variety of pastas, from Italy or from Japan and ingredients, which were traditional and common, have expanded to include the exotic. Oriental seasonings, now readily available can do wonders to liven up any pasta salad. Pasta is also now available in colours and flavours to further engage your imagination.

Don't under estimate the dressings either. These can create variety and new tastes, instead of just bland mayonnaise.

I have numerous recipes including some from Latin America, from the Orient and the Mediterranean. And for those macaroni salad die-hards, I have an East Coast Pasta Salad that will suit them.

To make this type of salad you need pasta, of course. This could be a simple matter of just using up some left-over noodles from a previous meal, or starting from scratch and cooking fresh pasta. The noodles need to be cooled and dry before preparing the salad - so make them in advance if need be, and place them to cool in the refrigerator. Tip: - running cold water over freshly cooked and drained noodles, helps to cool them down immediately.

The dressings for a pasta salad depend on the ingredients being used. For example: if you have already used plenty of onions in the salad - I would not recommend a dressing which has a strong onion flavour. A dressing should almost be an opposite to the ingredients such a honey or sweet type of dressing when the salad contains a lot of strong pungent ingredients.

colourful pasta, simple pasta salads

The ingredients in any easy salad recipe are more about the ones which you prefer - rather than what some-one else decides to use. You can add almost any kind of secondary vegetable - either cooked, raw or canned (drained of course). The main point to remember is that they need to be cut quite small so that their flavour doesn't over-power the mild flavour of the pasta.

In my Pasta Salad Recipes collection, I have included numerous optional ingredients from which you can mix & match to create your own delicious and simple salad recipes or just to use up those left-over vegetables.

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