Lettuce Varieties
for Salads

There are literally hundreds of lettuce varieties throughout the world. It mostly depends on taste, climate and culture. Of the many types available only a few are commonly used.

Baby Mixed Lettuce is also known as Field Lettuces, Mesclun Mix or Spring Mix.

It is composed of a variety of young lettuces and greens from the tops of various vegetables.

The combination of these creates a pleasant taste and varieties to each mouthful.

Below are the most common uses

Romaine is used for the classic Caesar and Greek Salads as well as many others.

Iceberg is used for Garden Salads and shredded for Tacos, as well as on sandwiches.

Red and Green Leaf varieties are interchangeable and are used for Salads and Wraps

Boston/Bibb are rarely used in salads, but more commonly as appetizers

Endive is usually a minor addition to a salad in a shredded or cut form or as an appetizer holder

Radicchio makes a nice colourful and tart addition to a salad, but is also used for appetizers.

Arugula (sometimes called Rocket) is often found as one of the varieties in a Spring Mix, but can easily be used on it's own.

Chicory & Escarole are mainly found in the Spring or Field Mix varieties to compliment the flavour and texture of the other varieties.

Watercress is commonly found in a Baby Mix although it can also be used on sandwiches and in soups.

Mache or Lambs lettuce is an upcoming salad green with a unique taste, although very common in Europe

Baby Spinach is quite often included in a Baby Mix, but it also is quite often used on it's own.

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