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Layered Jello Recipe

To prepare this Layered Jello Recipe requires only 4 simple ingredients. You could even leave out the fruits and use just the jello and still create a stunning layered dessert, suitable for any holiday or family gathering.

layered jello recipe, how to make a layered jello parfait

Here I have chosen to serve this Layered Jello Recipe in wine glasses, as a "parfait". This way I can show off the colours in their layered style, which adds eye appeal to the table setting. Also, when something looks good, people tend to eat it.

Children and adults alike, all love a nice refreshing dessert recipe with ANY meal.

Layered Jello Recipe

Layered Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1 package lime jello mix
  • 1 package cherry jello mix
  • 1 can fruit cocktail
  • 1 container Cool Whip


1. Drain the fruit cocktail - reserving the liquid. Cover the fruits and refrigerate.

2. Prepare the 2 packages of jello, according to the package instructions, in separate bowls. Use the reserved fruit juice as part of the cold water for the jello mixes.

3. Cool the jello in the refrigerator until thick (like a cold gravy or pudding consistency)

4. Divide the fruits among the 2 jello bowls and stir in gently.

5. Layer the jello, cool whip, jello, cool whip, in the cold glasses. Immediately refrigerate until completely set.

6. Serve this recipe for Layered Jello to smiling faces.

Layered Recipe Tips:

1. Refrigerate your wine/parfait glasses so that they do not liquify the jello when you are assembling them.

2. You can use different flavours (colours) for different events, such as: orange & blueberry for Halloween, cherry, blueberry for July 4, Cherry (or raspberry) for Canada Day, Lime & Cherry for Christmas, etc.

Recipe Notes:

1. Sugar-free Jello is a healthy dessert and so are fruits - to make this recipe for layered jello into a totally healthy dessert, choose a low-fat version of Cool Whip.

2. Try and choose a healthier version of canned fruits as well - such as : packed in water - not in sugared syrup or juice.

3. You can also choose to use fresh fruits for this recipe, especially when they are in season. Berries are an excellent source of many vitamins and are full of antioxidants too. These go very well with jello.

Jello Tips and Tricks

For information and tips on how to prepare the perfect jello dessert read

Jello Tips and Tricks.

You will also find info on molds, layers, mousse etc.

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