Julienne Kohlrabi
Matchstick Kohlrabi Salads

In preparing salads, knowing how to julienne kohlrabi is important. Like all root vegetables, kohlrabi is very tough, crunchy and yet very flavourful. But it needs to be cut into small matchstick pieces (called julienne) to be easily edible and to absorb the flavour of the dressing.

To begin the julienne process we need to prepare the vegetable.

Trim off all stalk nubs close to the bulb.

Cut the kohlrabi in half from top to bottom.

Trim off the top and bottom ends and discard.

Lay one half on it's side and slide a sharp serrated knife down the outer side to remove the peel.

Here are both halves, trimmed and peeled. Ready for the julienne process.

Working with one half at a time, slice very thin slices along the entire half.

Now make 2 or 3 piles of these slices.

Now, cut very thin slices across these piles. This creates the julienne or matchstick pieces.

Use your fingers to separate the matchstick or julienne pieces.

Now you have learned to julienne a kohlrabi.

Recipes for Kohlrabi Julienne

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