How to Wash Radicchio

Knowing how to wash radicchio in important if you plan to use it in your salads. You don't know who has handled it, coughed on it, sneezed on it or what it was sprayed with while growing.

Step 1

  1. Choose a radicchio with as little dark brown on it as possible.Remove and discard the outer leaf.

Step 2

  1. Cut around the core and remove it.

Step 3

  1. Hold the core end up, under cold running water.
  2. This will flush out any dirt from between the leaves.

Step 4

  1. Hold the radicchio core side down for a few minutes, to drain.

Step 5

  1. Place it on a clean kitchen towel, core side down.

Step 6

  1. Dry off the outer radicchio leaves.

Step 7

  1. Now your radicchio is ready to be cut or separated for what ever you plan to use it for.

Depending on what your plans are, now that you have learned how to wash a radicchio, here are some ideas.

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