How to Slice Red Onion
for Salads

If you plan on making many salads, you will need to know how to slice red onion. A lot of salad ingredients include red onion slices.

Step 1

  1. To prepare the red onion to slice it, trim the butt end off with a sharp serrated paring knife

Step 2

  1. Turn the red onion around and trim off the other end.
  2. Discard these 2 pieces.

Step 3

  1. Score down one side of your red onion with the tip of your knife.
  2. Score lightly - you only want to go 1 layer deep.

Step 4

  1. Using the tip of your knife, lift the edge of the top layer up and peel off.
  2. This process also removes the slimy undercoat.

Step 5

  1. When all of that layer is removed, you will have a perfectly clean red onion ready to slice.

Step 6

  1. Either on a clean part of your cutting board, or another board - cut the red onion in half, from the top down.

Step 7

  1. Now you will have 2 halves - like this.
  2. You will probably only need to slice one half - so put the other half away for another day.

Step 8

  1. Lay one half of the red onion, flat side down.
  2. This is the position you will begin to slice from.

Step 9

  1. Starting from the small end, slice a very thin slice.

Step 10

  1. Continue to slice, one slice at a time, until you are at the end of your red onion.

Step 11

  1. You now have red onion slices for your salads.

Now you have learned how to cut slice red onion.

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