How to Shred Red Leaf Lettuce

Many elderly (or young) cannot chew well or digest well, therefore learning how to shred red leaf lettuce is important to help them. Finely shredded lettuce is much more easily chewed and also more easily digested.

Step 1

  • Lay out your washed and dried red leaf lettuce leaves.
  • Click here to see how to wash and dry them properly.

Step 2

  • Stack 3 - 4 red leaf leaves one on top of the other, on a clean cutting board.
  • Have a sharp, serrated knife ready.

Step 3

  • Starting from one side, tuck the edge under and roll the leaves up into a tight bundle.

Step 4

  • Roll the red leaf leaves all the way over.
  • This is the beginning of the shred process.

Step 5

  • Now you are ready to begin to shred.
  • Using your knife, cut a very thin slice (shred) off the end.

Step 6

  • Continue to cut thin slices (shred) all the way down to the end.

Step 7

  • It should look like this.

Step 8

  • Use your fingers to fluff the shreds.
  • If you need to shred more - just repeat Steps 2 - 8.

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