How to Shred Mint
for use in salads

Knowing how to shred mint is important because mint leaves are very aromatic, and also have a strong refreshing flavour.

Mint has been used for centuries as herbal cures, and in food preparation.

This is how you can buy fresh mint out of season.

The mint sprigs have the leaves attached. The leaves are the part you want to use.

Since each leaf is pretty strongly flavoured - you will want to shred them.

Remove a number of mint leaves from the stem, onto a cutting board.

Instead of trying to shred each leaf - we are going to make a "package" so we can shred them all at once.

Stack the mint leaves one on top of the other and then starting from one side, roll them up, like a cigar. Don't let go, or they will open up again.

Using a sharp serrated knife, take thin slices off the end. This is a shred.

Keep slicing all the way down the rolled up mint leaves.

Break the shred apart with your fingers.

Now you have mint shred for use in salads.

Salad Recipes using Mint

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