How to Shred Green Leaf Lettuce
for the Elderly or young Children

If you are serving salads to elderly people or young children, knowing how to shred green leaf lettuce is important. Green leaf lettuce is chewy and many elderly have a problem with larger pieces, and so do young children. If this type of lettuce is shred form it becomes more easily eaten and digested.

Step 1

  • Have the lettuce leaves washed and dried.
  • Click here to see how it is done properly

Step 2

  • Stack 3 -4 green leaf leaves one on top of the other, on a clean cutting board.

Step 3

  • From one side to the other, start to roll the green leaf leaves up tight, like a cigar.

Step 4

  • Continue to roll the leaves up towards to other side.

Step 5

  • You will end up with a tightly rolled bundle, ready to shred.

Step 6

  • Using a sharp serrated knife, cut very thin slice, or shred, off the end.

Step 7

  • Continue to cut these very thin slices, (shred), all the way down the bundle.

Step 8

  • Here is what the bundle will look like cut into shred fashion.

Step 9

  • Fluff the shred with your fingers to loosen them up.
  • Now you have shredded green leaf lettuce for your salad.
  • If you need more - repeat Steps 2 - 9.

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Shredded Green Leaf Lettuce can be substituted in any of the following salads

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