How to Shave Asparagus
for use in Salads

For this tutorial on How to Shave Asparagus for salads, you will need to choose thick stalks of asparagus and a sharp peeler.

Shaving the stalks allows the dressing to permeate and flavour the asparagus.

First you will need to prepare the asparagus stalks to shave.

Snap off the tough bottom sections and discard (or save them for a soup stock)

Place these stalks into a colander and rinse well.

Dry the asparagus stalks with paper towels.

Now you are ready to begin to shave the stalks.

Cut off the tips and save for later.

Using a peeler, shave the outside off the asparagus stalk.

Remove these shave strips to a plate or bowl.

Next, lay the stalk flat down on the cutting board and run the peeler down the length of the stalk to shave.

This will shave off thin strips from the inner core of the stalk.

Continue to shave the inner core till it is all shaved.

Cut the asparagus tips in half or quarters if really large.

Place all your shaved asparagus and tips on a serving plate and add your dressing.

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