How to Prepare Lettuce
for salads or appetizers

Every variety of lettuce is different, so it is important to know how to prepare lettuce for each different variety.

Check out the list below and find the one you need. Click on the picture and it will take you to a step by step tutorial for the specific term.

Prepare Head Lettuce or Iceberg

How to wash

How to chop

This lettuce is commonly used in salads, for sandwiches and in a shredded form for tacos.

It has a nice crunch to it and a mild flavour.

Shred Iceberg

Prepare Romaine or Cos

Wash Romaine

Cut Romaine

Romaine is generally used in salads, such as the Classic Caesar and Greek Salads.

The green part is soft, while the whiter rib is crunchy.

It also has a mild flavour

Romaine Cups

Romaine Wraps

Prepare Boston, Bibb, Limestone

Wash Boston

Shred Boston

This type of lettuce is very soft and requires gentle handling to prepare. It practically melts in your mouth.

Because it is more expensive than most other lettuces, it is usually only used for special occasions, such as for appetizers.

Boston Cups

Boston Wraps

Prepare Red Leaf



Red Leaf is a very soft textured lettuce and is easy to prepare since it is an open leaf variety.

It has a mild flavour and is a bit chewy.

Because it is so flexible the outer leaves are great for wraps and the smaller inner ones make nice little appetizers.



Prepare Green Leaf



Green Leaf is similar to Red Leaf and the two can be easily interchanged.

They can also be used in salads to give a bit of a chewy texture. The mild flavour goes well with most additional ingredients.



Prepare Radicchio



Radicchio is a bit tart - but makes a nice addition to a salad in it's shredded or cut form. It also adds a bit of colour to salads as well.

The firm leaves make nice little appetizer cups and because it is slightly tart, the fillings don't totally overwhelm the flavour.



Prepare Endive



Endive is somewhat similar to radicchio in tartness, therefore it is used sparingly in salads.

The firm shape of the leaves prepare well for appetizers.



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