How to Prepare Fruit

My How to Prepare Fruit Tutorials are listed below. Each tutorial is a complete step by step guide with pictures.

Prepare Fruit - Berries - sort, wash and dry

Prepare Fruit - Grapes - sort, wash and dry

Prepare Fruit - Watermelon - cut, peel & cube

Prepare Fruit - Strawberries - sort, wash, dry and cut

Prepare Fruit - Cantaloupe - peel & cube

Prepare Fruit - Cut Kiwi Fruit - peel and slice

Prepare Fruit - Honeydew - peel and cube

Prepare Pineapple - peel, core and cube

Prepare fruit - Lemon wedges

How to cut grapefruits

How to cut oranges for salads

How to dice apples

Some of the Most Popular Fruity Salads

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