How to make Romaine Lettuce Wraps
A great alternative for lunch

In this tutorial of how to make romaine lettuce wraps, we provide you with a great alternative for lunches, instead of sandwiches. These little wraps are also ideal for appetizers or even just for fun snacks.

Step 1

  1. Remove any blemished outer leaves

Step 2

  1. Trim off the top and butt end of the romaine lettuce

Step 3

  1. Wash the romaine lettuce leaves to remove any remaining grit.

Step 4

  1. Place the romaine lettuce leaves in a colander to drip.

Step 5

  1. Pick out the larger leaves for your wraps, place them on toweling and pat dry.

Step 6

  1. Lay your chosen and dry leaves on a clean cutting board or work surface.

Step 7

  1. Place one heaped tablespoon of filling in the center of the wraps.

Step 8

  1. Continue till all the wraps have the filling.

Step 9

  1. Fold the bottom up, the top down, and the sides in, overlapping one another.
  2. Flip the wraps over to keep them closed.

Store the remaining romaine lettuce in the refrigerator, wrapped in paper toweling and sealed in a plastic bag. This keeps it fresh longer.

Now you have your Romaine Lettuce Wraps - ready for lunches or for appetizers at a party.

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