How to Garnish Deviled Eggs

Knowing how to garnish deviled eggs can really liven up the platter or the buffet table. Most everyone loves deviled eggs and would eat them without any garnish at all - but there are times when you want them to look as good as they taste. Below are some ideas for garnish.

Paprika is the most used garnish on deviled eggs. It gives them some colour contrast as well as a bit of spice.

Crumbled cooked bacon sprinkled on top gives you a bacon and egg taste and a colourful garnish.

You can get really fancy and dollop a teaspoon of caviar on top of simple deviled eggs.

Chopped green onions or scallions also provides a nice colour contrast as well as flavour.

A small piece of pimento draped over the top really adds some flavour.

A slice of olive makes a simple garnish with a dash of paprika over top of the deviled eggs.

Here we have a dash of paprika with a thin half moon slice of radish tucked into the deviled eggs.

A combination of finely diced red and green sweet peppers make a colourful and tasty garnish.

Simple herb sprigs such as this parsley can be used. Other herbs such as dill & cilantro also make good garnishes for deviled eggs.

For certain events you can really dress up your deviled eggs with a touch of food colour and your imagination.

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