How to Cut Romaine Lettuce
for a perfect Caesar Salad

To make the popular Caesar Salad, you need to know how to cut Romaine Lettuce. Besides cutting, it also needs to be washed (even if it says pre-washed on the package), to be sure all contaminants are removed.

Step 1

  1. Lay the washed and dried romaine lettuce leaves on a clean cutting board.

Step 2

  1. If you don't like the crunch of the harder rib, you can remove it from the larger pieces, by cutting a long "V" out of each leaf.
  2. If you don't mind the crunch - skip this step.

Step 3

  1. Cut the larger leaves in half.
  2. Line up a few piece on your cutting board .

Step 4

  1. Cut across these pieces all the way to the tops, according to the size you prefer.
  2. Continue to cut in this fashion for the remainder of the romaine lettuce leaves.

Step 5

  1. Place these cut up Romaine lettuce pieces in a bowl and you are ready to build your salad.

You have now learned how to cut a Romaine lettuce.
Wasn't that easy?

Classic Salads using Romaine Lettuce

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