How to cut Radicchio for salads

Learning how to cut radicchio to add it to your salads will improve the taste and eye appeal. Radicchio can be added to nearly any salad to add a little zest and colour.

Since we never really know who has handled our produce or what was really sprayed on it - it is always safer to wash it before use.

Step 1

  1. Place the radicchio on a clean cutting board and have a sharp knife handy to cut it with.

Step 2

  1. Cut the radicchio straight down the middle, into 2 halves - like this.

Step 3

  1. Lay one half, cut side down.
  2. Cut across the radicchio to the width of bite sized pieces.
  3. The number of cuts will depend on the size of the head.

Step 4

  1. Now turn the radicchio and cut across it again.

Step 5

  1. You will now have cut bite sized chunks.

Step 6

  1. Use your hands to break the cut radicchio pieces apart.

Step 7

  1. Your radicchio is now ready to add to any salad.
  2. If you need more than this amount - cut the other half.

Now that you have learned how to cut a radicchio, you can spruce up your salads.

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