How to Cut Oranges
for use in salads

How to cut oranges quickly and efficiently is important when making a lot of salads using this fruit. I'm not just talking about fruit salads either. Many green salads include orange segments or small pieces of oranges.

Oranges include mandarins & clementines - both of which peel easily. Others, such as navels & Blood Oranges do not.

First of all, wash the oranges and dry with paper towels.

If you want really juicy pieces - roll the oranges around with a slight pressure from your hand.

Using a sharp knife - cut off the ends and discard.

Score the oranges from top to bottom with the tip of your knife. Score just deep enough to go through the peel.

Continue to score all the way around the oranges.

Hook your fingernail into the top and pull the scored section of the orange away.

Do this all the way around, until all the peel is removed.

Hook your thumb into the very center and pull apart. Then pull each segment apart.

Cut the segments in half or into bite-sized pieces.

If you want some extra flavour for your salads - grate some of the rind off the oranges, before peeling, directly into the salad bowl.

Recipe Ideas for Cut Oranges

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