How to cut Green leaf Lettuce
quickly and safely.

Making salads doesn't have to be time-consuming. Learning how to cut Green Leaf Lettuce quickly will get you out of the kitchen faster.

Just follow my picture tutorial below and your salad will be ready in no time.

Before we can begin to cut - we need to be sure the green leaf is clean

Step 1

  1. Stack the washed and dried green leaf leaves on a clean cutting board

Step 2

  1. Using a sharp knife, cut through the stack length-wise.
  2. Depending on the width of the leaves, you may need to cut more than once.
  3. For this stack - I made 3 length-wise cuts.

Step 3

  1. Turn the cutting board and then cut crosswise across the green leaf stack.
  2. Continue to cut at about 1/2" intervals.

Step 4

  1. Cut all the way along the stack of green leaf leaves to the end.

Step 5

  1. Using your hands, fluff up the pile of cut green leaf pieces.

Step 6

Place the green leaf pieces into a bowl and you are ready to add your other ingredients for a salad.

This quick method of how to cut your green leaf lettuce will allow you to prepare healthy salads in no time.

Use my other tutorials on the right to learn more about preparing for salads.

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