How to Cut Grapefruits
for salads

Knowing how to cut grapefruits for use in a salad is important to learn. Grapefruits can be very sour and this sourness is generally found in the pith - so removing this will create a more pleasant flavour.

Grapefruits can be used in fruit salads, bean salads, mixed in with   greens, or combined with other citrus fruits to make a citrus fruit salad.

First of all - wash and dry the grapefruits you plan to use.

If you want the grapefruits to be juicy, roll them around on your cutting board with a slight pressure from the palm of your hand.

Using a sharp serrated knife, cut the ends off, so that the inner flesh of the grapefruits are visible.

Using a larger serrated knife, such as a bread knife, cut the grapefruits in half, from top to bottom.

Cut each half into 4 sections, roughly equal.

Using your small knife, carefully cut the grapefruit's flesh from the peel.

Cut the white pith from the inner part off and discard this sour piece.

Cut the pieces into bite sizes for whatever purpose you have in mind.

Some Salad Uses for Cut Grapefruits

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