How to Cut Fennel
for the most Delicious Salads

Once you learn how to cut fennel, you will be adding it to all your salads, for its refreshing taste.

Fennel, or anise, as it is sometimes called, has a slight licorice flavour and is great on it's own or mixed into a salad.

Choose a fennel (anise) that is firm and where the tops are clean cut.

If there is any blemishes, just grab the stalk and pull it off the bulb, and discard.

Trim off the stalks close to the fennel bulb and discard.

You could save them and use them for a soup stock.

Trim the root from the other end and discard this part.

Rinse the bulb and pat dry with some paper towels.

Cut the fennel bulb in half from top to bottom.

Cut the fennel halves into half again to make quarters.

Now you can see that there is a core that extends up into the bulb. This core is very bitter and tough.

To remove the core from the fennel bulb, just cut along the core. Discard these pieces.

Now, lay a quarter flat onto your cutting board and carefully, shave thin slices off the bulb.

Place the shaved pieces into a shallow dish of water and swish them around to remove any dirt trapped in the layers.

Allow to drain and pat dry.

Now your fennel is cut and ready for use in salads.

Fennel Salads

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