How to cut Celery
the quick efficient way

The best way to learn how to cut celery - is to just Do IT!

Follow the easy step by step guide below and you will have that bunch of celery all sliced, diced or chopped up in no time.

Step 1

  1. Place your bunch of celery on a cutting board and have your sharp knife handy.

Step 2

  1. Trim off the tops (which are dried out).

Step 3

  1. Turn the bunch of celery around and cut off the butt about 1 inch up.
  2. Discard all these pieces.

Step 4

  1. Cut cross wise about 2 1/2 - 3 inches from the bottom.
  2. Make you next cut another 2 1/2 - 3 inches up from that, and so on til you reach the end

Step 5

  1. Open the cut pieces and remove the center core.
  2. You can either discard these are save them for a soup or stew

Step 6

  1. Lay out your cut pieces of celery

Step 7

  1. Cut the wide ones length wise to a width of about 1/2 inch.

Step 8

  1. Put these celery cuts into a colander and wash and drain them.

Step 9

  1. You can dry the celery sticks with some paper towel and then use them for something like a veggie tray.

Step 10

  1. If you want chopped or diced celery, put the washed sticks on a clean cutting board

Step 11

  1. Bunch them together

Step 12

  1. Cut the celery sticks cross wise to about 1/4 inch for diced or 1/2 inch for chopped

Step 13

Now you will have a nice small pile of chopped or diced celery for your recipes.

To cut celery on a diagonal - cut the celery sticks (or whole stalks - if you want bigger pieces) on a sharp angle - instead of straight down.

You have now learned how to cut, slice, dice and chop celery quickly and efficiently.

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