How to Cube Cantaloupe
in a hurry

Below you will learn how to cube cantaloupe in a hurry. Just follow the step by step instructions and the pictures and in no time you will have lovely cantaloupe cubes for whatever recipes you choose.

Step 1

  1. Choose your cantaloupe carefully. You want one with the least amount of yellow skin and no dark spots.
  2. The one on the left is good - the one on the right is NOT.

Step 2

  1. Remove the store label.

Step 3

  1. Place the cantaloupe in a colander, (so it doesn't roll away), and using a scrub brush, under running water, give it a good scrubbing.

Step 4

  1. There have been reports of e-coli from the rind of cantaloupe so please don't ignore this important step.
  2. Dry the cantaloupe with paper towels.

Step 5

  1. Using a long handled sharp knife, cut the cantaloupe in half crosswise.

Step 6

  1. This is what you will see.

Step 7

  1. Then cut the half, in half again - making quarters.

Step 8

  1. This is what you will have.
  2. Still quite a long way from being a cube.

Step 9

  1. Using a large spoon, carve around the seeded area.

Step 10

  1. Then remove the seeds and discard.
  2. You don't want seeds in a cantaloupe cube.

Step 11

  1. Flip the quarter over and using your long bladed knife, cut across the top and then down one side.

Step 12

  1. Switch to a shorter knife and continue to cut down the sides all the way around.

Step 13

  1. Go back and trim any green off, that you may have missed.
  2. The green is bitter and will change the taste of your cantaloupe cube.

Step 14

  1. Using your shorter knife, cut lengthwise across the cantaloupe quarter, according to your preferred thickness for a cube, usually 1/2 inch is good.

Step 15

  1. Turn these slices a quarter turn, and cut across them, to your preferred thickness for a cube - about 1/2 inch.

Step 16

  1. Continue to cube the rest of the quarter.

Step 17

  1. Now you have a nice little pile of cantaloupe cubes.

You have now learned how to cube cantaloupe in a hurry. Try out some of my Fruit Salad Recipes for these cubes.

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