How to Chop Broccoli
for Salad Preparation

Before we can learn how to chop broccoli you need to choose a nicely coloured bunch of broccoli that has florets well separated from each other. A really tight bunch with a small head is very hard to chop properly.

Step 1

  1. Before beginning to chop - lay the broccoli on a clean cutting board and have a small serrated knife handy to chop with.

Step 2

  1. Begin to just chop off the exterior broccoli florets.
  2. Chop them slightly above the main stem.

Step 3

  1. Whether you plan to use these in a salad or cook them - it is beneficial if you chop the florets relatively even in size - so you need to chop them evenly.

Step 4

  1. Using your serrated knife chop through the larger broccoli florets

Step 5

  1. Continue to chop the larger broccoli florets until you have a pile of broccoli florets, evenly sized - like this.

Step 6

  1. The basic chop part is now over.
  2. Now you will need to wash/rinse the broccoli florets before anything else, to remove any residual dirt or pesticides.

Step 7

  1. Allow the broccoli to drain a bit in the colander .
  2. Gently remove them to a few layers of paper towels

Step 8

  1. Pat them dry with a second layer of paper towels.

Step 9

  1. Your broccoli florets are now ready to be included in your recipes and you have learned to chop broccoli like a Pro.

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