Hot Spinach Dip Recipe

This Hot Spinach Dip Recipe is absolutely my most favourite, next to the Cold Spinach Dip.

It can be served with crackers, pita bread, veggies, or just bread.

Organize all the recipe ingredients and have the necessary tools handy.

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1 cup (240 ml)  real mayonnaise
  • 1 cup (240 ml)  lite sour cream
  • 3/4 tsp of garlic powder or garlic paste
  • 1 pkg  frozen spinach – thawed  OR 1 pkg fresh spinach - cooked
  • 1 can water chestnuts - diced (optional)

Chop up the fresh spinach.

Cook the spinach in the microwave for about 3 minutes (depending on your microwave)

Be careful removing it - it will be hot.

Dump the hot cooked spinach in a colander to drain.

Click here - to see How to Squeeze dry spinach. DO NOT miss this step - otherwise your Hot Spinach Dip will be watery and less flavourful.

Blend the mayonnaise and sour cream together. Mix in the garlic.

Drain the can of water chestnuts - if using.

Dice up the chestnuts.

 Add the diced chestnuts to the mayo mix and stir to blend in.

Add the squeeze dried spinach and combine well.

If using the broiler to heat the hot spinach dip - use a bake proof dish and layer the cheese on top.

Place under hot broiler til the cheese is melted.

Serve your Hot Spinach Dip right away, while still hot.

If using the microwave to heat your Hot Spinach Dip - use a microwave safe container.

Layer the cheese on top and microwave til the cheese is melted.

Serve right away, while hot.

Recipe Yield: This Recipe for Hot Spinach Dip will make 3 cups of dip.

Recipe Notes:

You can prepare the Spinach Dip in advance  - just keep it refrigerated until you want to heat it.

Cover and store any remaining recipe dip in the refrigerator.

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