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All Green Salad Recipes are basically pretty simple and easy to make with some type of lettuce or vegetable leaves - referred to as "greens". They can be used individually or mixed up. They can be combined with other vegetables or fruit. You can add nuts, cheese, meat and of course a dressing or vinaigrette to top off your green salad.

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Salad Fork
Mesclun Mix

Some of these are actually red or some shade of red/green. From the lettuce - only the leaves are used for simple salad recipes. In most cases these need to be "prepared" by washing and drying. The washing importance is simple to understand - we don't want sand or grit in our green salads. The drying is important so that the dressing will stick to the green leaves.

All green salad recipes have more than just green leaves or they wouldn't really be a salad recipe (under the definition). Endless options are available for creating easy and simple salad recipes. They can be a simple green salad - such as the Classic Caesar Salad (romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese and bacon bits) OR they can be more complicated such as the Classic Greek Salad which has a total of 6 ingredients.

Green Leaf Lettuce
Red Leaf Lettuc

The leaves of these "greens" are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and are also rich in fiber.

Belgian Endiv

Other lettuces that are unusual but are commonly used in salads are radicchio and belgian endive. Both of these add a tartness to the salad.

These green lettuces combined with other ingredients (some common - some exotic) lead to the creation of green salad masterpieces. Then, they are topped with a salad dressing which is either oil-based or mayonnaise-based to create a palate pleasing dish.

For ease and speed some people prefer to purchase bagged or packaged salad greens which are already pre-washed and cut up. These green salad mixes are fine - just watch the expiry date on the bag or package to be sure it will last.

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