Fruit Salad Recipes - Fresh or Canned
To WOW your Tastebuds

Fruit Salad Recipes are one of the tastiest recipes that can be made. My collection of recipes for Fruit Salads range from quick, canned fruit salads to fresh exotic fruit salads. They are all easy and simple salad recipes to stimulate your tastebuds.

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These can be eaten as a breakfast, at any time of day or eaten as a dessert or light snack. Using a dressing or dip entices children and adults to consume more than they normally would. This is great since generally we don't eat enough fruits on a daily basis.

Fruits are packed with natural vitamins and some even contain large amounts of fibre. Therefore eating fruit is not only tasty but it is essentially good for you. You have all heard the old saying - "eating an apple a day..." Well, it is quite true that having your daily intake of fruit can help boost your immune system.

I'm not saying to just eat an apple a day - that wouldn't be a salad - would it?

My collection of Fruit Salad Recipes is only for you to try out and then mix & match your favorites to include them and create your very own favorite recipe.

A dressing or dip is almost always prefered by children (and most adults). For some reason we always seem to prefer that little bit of extra flavour. Children, especially love to "dip". For larger gatherings a fruit platter with a dip is especially welcome. This allows guests to choose what they already know they like and gives them the option to try something new (without having a plate full of it).

I have included a variety of recipes for fruit dressings and dips that you can try and/or amend to your own liking.

So Don't Forget to Check out my collection of Fruit Dip Recipes

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