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Fruit Jello Recipes

The word "Jello" in Fruit Jello Recipes, is actually a trademark name for a flavoured product made from gelatine. This name is now world famous and is commonly used to define any brand of flavoured gelatine.

Pure gelatin is tasteless and odourless so it is usually combined with other ingredients rather than eaten on its own. As a result, the nutritional value of gelatine with simple fruit recipes depends on the presence of other added ingredients which can add a lot of calories.

Sugar-free Jello combined with fruit is a simple salad recipe that is healthy and nutritious.

Gelatine can also be found in numerous products on the market today - from make-up to food stuffs.

Is Jello Good for You ?

1. Muscle growth: Gelatin contains lysine which is important for muscle growth especially for athletes and children.

2. Metabolism: Gelatin contains arginine, which helps the body’s metabolism to burn more calories.

3. Losing weight: Gelatin contains no fat and usually no sugar. The brand "Jello" even has sugar-free varieties.

4. Joint conditions: Gelatin can help prevent weakness in joints and degeneration of cartilage.

5. Finger nails: Gelatin helps strengthen finger nails and can help heal cracked nails. This is due to the protein in the gelatin.

6. Hair: Gelatin is known to help hair grow stronger, faster and longer. Gelatin can also help to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

7. Protein booster: Studies have shown that the protein in gelatin helps to give a boost to proteins from other foods thereby making them more nutritional for your body.

8. Drink purifier: Gelatin is often used in the making of alcoholic beverages where it congeals impurities, making them easier to remove.

9. Skin health: Gelatin is used in lots of cosmetics - helping the makeup to remain on the skin longer and for a good skin tone.

10. Digestion: Gelatin helps other foods ease through the digestive track.

Fruit Jello Recipes - Dessert Gelatin

Now that we know that Jello is really good for us - let's see what we can do with it.

Jello by itself is a great dessert and kids love the wiggly, jiggly sweet flavour. However, there are many fruit jello recipes in combinations that can be quickly and easily prepared to vary the dessert or to create an appealing holiday treat.

Fruit Jello Parfaits

Fruit Jello Parfaits are simple to make and present nicely for a more elegant dinner dessert or just for fun. To prepare these takes a bit more time but the results are amazing.

Apple Jello Salad - so easy to make, yet presents nicely for a company dinner, and healthy to boot.

Cherry Fruit Salad Jello - made with canned fruit cocktail, yet soo tasty and is a great finale to a large dinner.

Creamy Berry Jello - sweet berries with a subtle tartness - a refreshing dessert after a large meal

Funky Fruit Jello - made with canned fruit and lemon jello and topped with creamed jello. An eye-pleasing and tasty dessert.

Jello Cottage Cheese - easy and quick to prepare, can be eaten right away, kids love it and don't even realize it's cottage cheese

Mandarin Orange Jello - thick and creamy with lots of fruit and mini marshmallows. A dessert everyone will love.

Watergate Jello Salad - this one isn't shown in a parfait glass - but it could be served that way. A real tasty treat.

Layered Jello - by alternating the colours, you can create a very eye pleasing dessert for any occasion.

Fruit Jello Bowls & Molds

These Fruit Jello Bowls and Molds are quick and easy, especially if you are using canned fruit. To dress up the dessert - just add a dollop of whipped cream on top.

Party Fruit Jello Recipes

These Party Fruit Jello Recipes are of larger quantity for family gatherings or holiday parties. Still simple to prepare, yet very pleasing and tasty.

Jello Tips and Tricks

For information and tips on how to prepare the perfect jello dessert read

Jello Tips and Tricks.

You will also find info on molds, layers, mousse etc.

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Fruit Jello Parfaits

Cherry Fruit Jello
Creamy Berry Jello
Funky Fruit Jello
Jellied Cottage Cheese
Layered Jello Parfait
Mandarin Orange Jello
Orange Apple Parfait
Watergate Jello