Fruit Dip Recipes

Dress up your Fresh or Canned Fruit Salad

Fruit Dip Recipes can range from a simple combination of 2 ingredients to a more decadent type such as Baileys Cream Dip.

Here you will find dip recipes for fruit salads suited for young children as well as for a fancy dinner party.

fruit dip recipes, fruit salad recipes

Everyone I know likes to dip their fruit into a yummy, flavoured cream.

These dip recipes work well with fresh cut or canned fruit. They can be used in a fresh fruit platter and some can be poured over a bowl of fruit. Some are well suited for dipping whole skewers or just larger pieces of fruit.

Some of these easy recipes include yogurt, some have whipping cream, some have liqueur, some have fruit juice or mashed fruit. They are all simple salad recipes.

So spoil your friends and family with these simple dip recipes.

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Baileys Cream Fruit Dip, fruit dip recipes

Made with real Baileys Irish Cream. Luscious creamy texture and taste. Baileys can be substituted with Kahlua or your favourite liqueur.

banana fruit dip, fruit dip recipes

Made with real mashed bananas. Lots of fun getting the chunks out and healthy too.

chococlate fruit dip, fruit dip recipes

OOOH - This is defintely an irresistable dip and a great way to get your kids and hubby to eat their daily amount of fruit.

hazelnut-chocolate fruit dip, fruit dip recipes

The creamy texture of chocolate with that lovely hazelnut flavour. An excellent dip choice for a gathering or just an intimate evening.

honey-lime fruit dressing recipe,

This is actually more of a lovely flavoured dressing to pour over a fruit salad, not so much a dip. Cool and refreshing - this dressing goes well with any combination.

lemon fruit dip, fruit dip recipes

The lemon tang goes so well with the sweetness of the fruit in this creamy dip.It's like the old saying - opposites attract.

Coconutmacaroon fruit dip, fruit dip recipes

Who doesn't like coconut? A really flavourful dip - great with any fruit.The little pieces of macaroon really give it some extra body.

Everyone's favourite flavour. Peanut butter is a perfect dip for breakfast lunch or a snack.

The sweet flavour of fresh strawberries can't be beat. A natural addition to any dessert platter

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Fruit Salad Recipes for your Dips

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