Fruit Cocktail Ambrosia

This simple yet tasty Fruit Cocktail Ambrosia is loved by people of all ages.

This easy Ambrosia recipe is great for potlucks or family gatherings. (just double or triple the recipe).

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With just 4 simple ingredients, this dessert can be made very quickly.

It doesn't require any setting or refrigeration time either.

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 1 can of fruit cocktail - drained
  • 1 cup of shredded unsweetened coconut
  • 1 cup of mini marshmallows
  • 1 cup vanilla yogurt


1. Drain the fruit cocktail in a colander.

2. In a bowl, blend the yogurt and coconut together.

3. Blend in the marshmallows.

4. Blend in the fruit cocktail.

5. Spoon the Ambrosia Fruit Cocktail into wine glasses or bowls to serve.

Recipe Yield: This Ambrosia with Fruit Cocktail serves 4

Recipe Notes:

1. Cover and refrigerate your Ambrosia if not serving right away.

2. Cover and refrigerate any left-over Ambrosia cocktail.

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