Dinner Salad Recipes
Complete Meals 

Dinner Salad Recipes are easy, simple salad recipes intended to be served as the main course of a meal. They can be served as either a complete dinner or a lunch.
This simple and easy type of meal is especially great for those hot summer days when no-one wants to cook or eat hot food for dinner. Plus it helps to clean some left-overs out of the frig.

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Antipasto Salad
BLT Pasta Salad
cold pasta salad

ham salad as a dinner salad
Shrimp Pasta Salad
lobster salad recipe

neptune salad recipe
octopus salad recipe
shrimp tomato salad

chicken vegetable salad, ensalada de gallina
Russian Salad Recipe
tuna tomato salad recipe

German Sausage Salad, Wurst Salat
Chicken lunch salad recipe, how to make chicken salad
Crab Louie Salad Recipe

Nicoise Salad Recipe
Cobb Salad Recipe
Salmon Dinner Salad Recipe

Spanish Mixed Salad Recipe, ensalata mixta
Spring Potato Ham Salad Recipe
Veggie Cobb Salad Recipe

Whereas a green salad recipe is simply composed of lettuce, vegetables or fruits and dressing for a side dish or appetizer, a Dinner Salad Recipe includes some or all of the following:

– in the form of cold meat, (either pre-cooked or canned), cold cuts, seafood, sausages, etc.

- beans/legumes

– hard boiled eggs

- cheeses

– any single type or a mixed style can be used

– any raw or pre-cooked/canned vegetables can be used

– dried fruits (raisins, craisins)

- canned or fresh fruit

- chopped or crushed nuts or slivered almonds

- cold pasta

- cold rice

- cold potatoes

Fruit for dessert is healthy and tasty

By incorporating most or all of the above ingredients into a Dinner Salad – you will have a complete balanced meal.

For Vegetarians they can substitute the beans and legumes instead of meat for the protein.

Dinner Salads have also been called by other monikers such as:

Entrée Salad

Main Course Salad

Truckers Salad

Chef Salad

As with every type of dinner salad there are many variations of each and every type. Here you can customize your very own family favourite.

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