Every kitchen needs Cutting Boards. Ideally you should have 3 - 4 different boards for different foods. These should also vary in sizes - since you certainly don't need a 3 foot work board to dice 1 small onion.

There are a number of new types to replace the old wooden ones we used to have. These newer ones clean easier and are more sanitary, since they don't get deep gouges in them and are better on our knives.

You should never use a meat board for fruits or vegetables. And with chicken and seafood being so sensitive to air - they should have their own boards too.

Many small cutting-boards are fairly inexpensive - so if you haven't changed yours in a while - now might be the time to do so.

Types of Cutting Boards

Bamboo Boards - these are very durable since bamboo is an extremely tough wood product. The boards will not gouge easily and therefore remain sanitary. The wood is easier on your knives than glass. Bamboo does not absorb moisture which lessens the risk of contamination.

Glass Boards - Tempered glass boards offer one of the most sanitary boards to cut and prep a meal. They definitely clean and sanitize easily, since glass is not porous. They come in a variety of sizes. The tempered glass will not shatter when broken. The only drawbacks are 1. the weight - they are much heavier than wood or plastic and 2. they are very hard on your knives.

Plastic or Acrylic Boards - These are the recommended boards by the Health and Safety Commissions for use in commercial kitchens. They are easily cleaned, light weight, will not break when dropped, come in all sizes and colours, and are easy on your knives. And best of all - they are cheap.

Old-fashioned Wood Boards - Although these are still available on the market, they are not recommended for a variety of reasons: 1. Wood is porous and there juices can be absorbed by the wood and cannot be sanitized out. 2. Wood gouges easily and then you have an uneven surface which collects bacteria. 3. Wood boards don't dry out properly, thereby passing contaminants from one food to another.

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