Cut Asparagus - A How-to Tutorial

To Cut Asparagus for use in salads is the same as if you were planning on cooking them already cut.

Since many asparagus salad recipes call for the asparagus to be slightly steamed or blanched, it is simpler to cut them first.

For the best eating, I prefer the thinnest stalks of asparagus.

These are also better in salads and save extra time in cutting lengthwise as well as crosswise.

Snap the butt ends off and discard.

Asparagus will always snap where the toughest part of the stalk begins.

This saves you from guessing on where to cut.

Cut off the tips - usually about 1 1/2 in.

Place these into a colander

Next, cut crosswise about 1 1/2 " all the way along the stalk.

Place these in the colander also.

Continue to cut all the stalks in this fashion.

Now, rinse the asparagus pieces thoroughly with cold water.

Now that the asparagus is cut and washed - it is ready to be used either raw in salads or blanched if you prefer it not as crunchy.

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