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Crepe Fruit Recipes

Crepe Fruit Recipes make a great tasting and eye-pleasing dessert. They are a simple fruit salad recipe to prepare and they can be served in various elegant ways.

Crepe Fruit Recipes

I have noted the Basic Crepe Recipe from my German Mother, for making your own crepes. You can make minor substitutions to create a custom flavour depending on how to plan to serve it. The quickest method of course, is to purchase pre-made crepes, which are available at most grocery stores.

You can use nearly any in-season fruit that is available or you can use frozen or canned fruit. The choice is yours. Remember to drain any canned fruit really well and to reserve the liquid, since it can be used to add additional flavour to the cream. The same goes for frozen fruit – reserve any liquid from the thawed fruit for the cream.

Many people flavour the cream with a brandy or liqueur. You can use reserved fruit juice or a flavoured extract as well.

Crepes are really nothing more than a thin pancake. By omitting the rising agent from the pancake ingredients – you have crepe batter. The batter is better if allowed to sit in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight after mixing. You even cook them basically the same, except that crepes are thinner and larger.

Serving Crepes

Crepes can be served in at least six common ways. Flat, rolled, stuffed, folded, cone shaped and as a layered cake.

The Flat Crepe is served like a plate sized pancake with fruit and syrup on top.

rolled crepe, how to make crepes

The Rolled crepe is a more flavoured crepe and is served with icing sugar, sometimes a syrup and fruit.

fruit stuffed crepe , how to make crepes

A Stuffed Crepe can be filled with fruit or a combination of fruit and creams. Sometimes jams, preserves or a chocolate spread are also used.

folded fruit crepes, how to make crepes

The Folded Crepe is similar to a rolled crepe and is served with fruit and syrups.

cone fruit crepe, how to make crepes

The Cone-Shaped Crepe is formed to hold fruit and creams inside and still be carried around and eaten. These are common in outdoor crepe stalls in Europe.

The Layered Crepe Cake is the easiest crepe fruit recipe to prepare for a large group. It can be prepared in advance and refrigerated until needed. Any final touches can be quickly done just before serving.

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