Simple Fruit becomes Versatile
Crepe Fruit Dessert Recipes

Crepe Fruit Dessert Recipes are very versatile and can be served in a few different common ways, as shown below. Crepes can also be used for meat and vegetables - which are called savoury crepes and usually have spices or herbs added to the batter before cooking.

Flat Crepe

The simplest of the crepe fruit dessert recipes is a flat crepe which is served just like a pancake except that it is bigger and almost fills the entire plate. These simple fruit desserts can be served warm or cold.

They can be topped with canned fruit or fresh fruit, with syrup or fruit juices, and quite often a sprinkling of icing sugar.

For a more elegant dessert, a liqueur can be used as a syrup by itself or combined with fruit. You have a wide variety of choice with these simple fruit dessert recipes.

Rolled Crepe

Rolled Crepe, fruit crepe dessert

Rolled Crepes are much the same as a flat crepe. No filling, just fruit (canned or fresh) served over the top, some syrup, fruit juice or liqueur, and perhaps a sprinkle of icing sugar.

A simple crepe fruit dessert recipe.

Folded Crepes

The Folded Crepe is also similar to the Flat and Rolled Crepe, in that there is no interior filling, all the extra fruit, etc. is served on the outside of the crepe.

The same fruits, canned or fresh, and syrups, etc. can be used. Sometimes the addition of a bit of ice cream or whipped cream dresses it up.

Stuffed Crepes

stuffed crepes, how to serve fruit crep

Stuffed crepes is where the imagination and fun begin.

You can spread a jam or preserve on the crepe, line it with some fruit and fold it up. A great simple combination is peanut butter and a long slice of banana, or whipped cream with a row of fresh strawberries.

This picture has a spread of vanilla yogurt with fresh blackberries - a great combination for a delicious crepe fruit dessert recipe.

Cone-Shaped Crepes

cone crepes, how to serve crepe

These Cone-Shaped Crepes are usually only used by street vendors to sell their crepes.

These street vendors began in Europe, but now a lot of major cities in the world have them also.

You can order your fillings like you would choose ice cream flavours from an dairy bar. They have fruit, syrups, creams, nuts, etc.

Usually there are 2 - 3 crepes used in the making of the cone, creating a substantial dessert.

To make these at home, you would need to make some "cone holders" first.

Layered Crepe Cakes

A Layered Crepe Cake is by far, easier to prepare than a number individual plates, for a large gathering. It can also be prepared in advance and kept in the refrigerator. A little bit of last minute decoration and it is ready to serve.

The filling between the layers is usually a cream filling alternated with a jam or preserve. This gives the cake a nice balanced flavour.

In most cases, the cream filling is mixed with a liqueur or extract for even greater flavour.

It is quite common to serve this with a syrup on the side.

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