Carbs in Lettuce ?

Do you have a need to find the carbs in lettuce? Just click on the pictures below to find out. Compare the various types of lettuce to pick out the best one to suit your diet or life-style.

Iceberg - Total Carbs

Romaine / Cos Total Carbs

Red Leaf Lettuce Total Carbs

Green Leaf Lettuce - Total Carbs

Boston/Bibb Lettuce - Total Carbs

Radicchio - Total carbs

Belgian Endive

Baby Spinach - Total Carbs

Other Salad "Greens" - Total Carbs
(based on a 1 cup serving)

Mixed Salad Greens = 1.76

Arugula = 0.73

Watercress = 0.44

Mache = 0.0

Now that you know that the carbs in the different types of lettuce can vary, you can plan your salads accordingly.

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