Bean Salad Recipes

Nothing can beat bean salad recipes to get your recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals, as well as protein. Try out some of these bean recipes for use as a side dish or for a complete meal.

Beans, beans, they're good for your heart
the more you eat the more you fart
the more you fart the better you feel
so we’ll have beans for every meal

Chick Pea

Chickpea Garden

Corn Bean

Bean Mango

4 Bean Rice

Bean Tomato

Mixed Bean

Mushroom Bean


Cold Pea

Black Bean Orange

Green/Wax Bean

Black Bean Orange Corn

Black Bean Mandarins 1

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Black Bean Grapefruit

Bean salad recipes have been around for hundreds of years. As a matter of fact the Aztecs and Mayan Indians ate beans in salads long before most Europeans even heard of them. In ancient Greece and Rome, a dried bean was also used in voting: - a white bean was used to vote yes , and a black bean for no.

They were also found growing wild in areas of Peru, Thailand and other parts of the Orient.

There are now over 40,000 species. Some are strictly intended as animal feed but most are for human consumption in some sort or other. A few are grown specifically for their oil or for other derivatives, such as the soy or peanut.

The first bean used for human consumption was the broad bean which was originally native to North Africa and Southwest Asia. It is also known as fava  (from the Italian word fava meaning broad). In the Mediterranean area, broad or fava bean was an integral part of their diets. The old expression “not worth a bean” alludes to a peasant diet.

There are 4 different classifications of bean


Dry beans come from both Old World varieties (fava) and New World varieties (kidney, black, cranberry, pinto, navy/haricot).

Similar to fresh, the dry bean is high in starch, protein and dietary fiber and is an excellent source of iron, potassium, selenium, B6, folic acid and many more.

These will keep indefinitely if stored in a cool, dry place, but over time, their nutritive value and flavour degrade and thus increases cooking times.

Dried ones are mostly boiled, after being soaked in water for several hours or over-night. This shortens the cooking time and results in evenly textured results. Common types take longer to cook than most. Cooking times can vary from 1 - 4 hours, but can be reduced using pressure cooking.

These can also be bought pre-cooked and canned, such as refried, or whole with water, salt, and sometimes sugar. If using canned – be sure to drain and rinse them really well to remove the added salt and/or sugar.

Canned ones are mostly the types used in bean salad recipes.


The three commonly known green beans are: string/runner bean, stringless or French bean, & snap bean.

Compared to a dry bean, they provide less starch and protein, but have more Vitamin A & C.

These are often simply steamed, boiled, stir-fried, or baked.

These can also be purchased in cans, being pre-cooked – but have a lot of sodium added as a preservative.

For bean salad recipes, most fresh green beans are usually blanched first, unless canned ones are used.


A Shelled bean are those whose seeds are removed from their pods before being cooked or dried.

Common ones are a shell bean, but this term also refers to others whose pods are not eaten, such as lima bean, soybean, peas, and fava bean.

A fresh shelled bean is nutritionally equivalent to a dry bean, but are cooked more like a vegetable, such as the Green Bean or added to soups, stews and chilis.

Many of these can also be purchased in canned form.


The nuña is an unusual Andean species of bean plant, with round multi-coloured seeds.

When cooked on high heat, each one explodes, exposing the inner part, somewhat similar to popcorn.

Nutritive Value

Every type of bean has significant amounts of fiber and soluble fiber, with one cup of cooked beans providing between 9 and 13 grams of fiber.

Soluble fiber can help lower blood cholesterol.

Every Bean is also high in protein, complex carbohydrates, folate, and iron.

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