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Thanksgiving Salad Recipes

These Thanksgiving Salad Recipes will allow you to prepare a lot of your food in advance - giving you more time to entertain (& be entertained).

If you are the hostess this Thanksgiving - don't be stressed about getting everything ready on time. With these simple salad recipes, you can just pull half of the meal right out of the frig.

If you are a guest - you probably have a busy life-style - you need to prepare something in advance to bring with you. With these simple salad recipes below, you CAN prepare your holiday salads in advance and your hostess will appreciate your consideration.

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Appetizer - Green Salads

Traditionally a Thanksgiving meal is a very hearty, heavy meal - so in contrast the appetizer should be something very light - such as a green salad. Keeping in mind the season and the purpose for the holiday, I have picked out 2 green salad recipes that would perfectly suit a Thanksgiving Dinner.

Don't let the name fool you. This simple recipe can be easily assembled the day before (all except the dressing of course). Canned mandarins can be used if well drained. The addition of the dried cranberries is in keeping with holiday spirit.

This eye-pleasing salad is sure to entice everyone. It would be a mouth-watering temptation to any holiday table. Very quick to prepare with few ingredients. DO NOT add the dressing until ready to serve.

Pasta Salads

Every holiday table has the usual pasta salads. Why not create something a bit different this year ? Choose from one (or more) of the ones listed below. These can all be prepared the day before and just pulled out of the frig when needed.

This recipe is a real fooler. The cheese tortellini gives each mouthful a real surprise. A great "make-ahead" salad - that keeps well too.

Here is a really colourful and tasty pasta dish. This will compliment any holiday table. All the ingredients can be mixed together the day before - EXCEPT the dressing. DO NOT add the dressing until ready to serve.

Classic Macaroni Salad Recipe

This Classic macaroni Salad never fails. It is a true staple at every holiday table. Quick & easy to prepare ahead of time it is enjoyed by all.

cold pasta salad recipe

This simple salad is easily prepared in advance. The top can be decorated to suit the table decor. Instead of tomatoes, dried cranberries can be used to make this a more Thanksgiving salad recipe. This salad is definitely a people pleaser.

penne pasta salad

This salad is a bit unusual but very tasty and colourful too. The rapini can be easily substituted with broccoli florets. Blanching the broccoli first helps retain it's vibrant green colour and takes some of the crispness out of it. Very easy to prepare ahead.

Vegetable Salad Recipes

Most of the time, the vegetables at Thanksgiving are cooked root vegetables (turnip, carrots, potatoes, etc.). They don't have to be. Some of your vegetables can be prepared in advance by making vegetable salads. I have chosen some great Thanksgiving salad recipes below that will aid in your holiday table presentation and lighten your work load.

Broccoli Salad Recipe

This colourful, tasty salad compliments any holiday table. The broccoli flavour is off-set by the bacon. Although it is a little bit more time consuming to make - it can be made a day in advance. In fact it tastes better the second day. A great Thanksgiving salad recipe.

carrot salad recipes

This picture will take you to a page with a few carrot salad recipes. All of them would be a great addition to your holiday meal. These salads are much better a day or two after they are made - and that allows you to prepare them well ahead of your big day.

cucumber salad

When you click on this picture, you will go to a page with a few cucumber salad recipes. If you want to prepare this salad ahead - DO NOT choose the Creamy Cucumber Salad - that one should only be eaten freshly made. Choose the Cucumber in oil salad type for your Thanksgiving salad recipe.

This vegetable salad is a real time-saver on the big day. A very pleasing and tasty Thanksgiving Salad Recipe - it can be made a few days in advance. With such a nice combination of vegetables - you won't need much more.

Dessert - Fruit Salads

After a hearty, filling Turkey Dinner - who has room for the traditional apple or pumpkin pie ? (or who NEEDS it?). A much simpler dessert would benefit everyone's stomach. Use the traditional pies either with a meal the night before or with left-overs the next day. I have listed a few lighter fruit desserts below. Another dessert option is to prepare a Fruit Platter with a dip and let everyone just help themselves.

ambrosia fruit salad, how to make ambrosia

This is a very easy fruit salad to prepare and is also very tasty. If you use the canned fruit it is even quicker. Just prepare it all ahead and then spoon it into individual bowls when dinner is over.

fruit salad recipe, how to make fruit salad

This salad can be prepared ahead, left in a large covered bowl and then spooned out when the guests are ready for dessert. It is actually better the second day, when the juices have intermingled. This can be served with a simple dollop of whipped cream or you can prepare one (or two) of my fruit dips to accompany it.

berry salad recipe

Who could resist this simple, mouth-watering dessert. Made the day before, the juice from the strawberries enhances the flavours. Serve this with simple table cream or a dollop of whipped cream.

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

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