Use Up Your Left-Overs
Thanksgiving Left-Over Recipes

With these Thanksgiving Left-over Recipes, you won't be wondering what to do with that refrigerator full of left-over food. You'll just need to decide which ones to make first!

There are recipes for sandwiches - for school or work; stews - which use up vegetables as well as meat; dumplings - which use up any left-over dressing or mashed potatoes; salads - for quick, hearty lunches; crockpot recipes - for those always in a hurry, and who like dinner ready when they come home; plus other recipes for what you have left-over from Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Left-Over Recipes


Left-over Turkey Salad Sandwich - combines diced turkey with mayo and cranberry sauce (optional diced green onion & celery) to form a chunky spread.

Thanksgiving Sandwich - uses a sage-flavoured cream cheese as a spread on which to layer thinly sliced turkey and some cranberry sauce.

Green Salads

Caesar Salad - add some diced turkey for a quick lunch - similar to a grilled chicken caesar salad.

Garden Salad - add some chopped turkey and your favourite dressing for a quick lunch.

California Salad - add some turkey and cranberries - creates a real pleasing combination.


Thanksgiving left-over Turkey Ragout - use up the left-over Thanksgiving turkey as well as the vegetables - all in one pot.

Turkey & Sweet Potato Stew - a great tasting combination - quick and easy to make, and uses up a lot of your left-over meat and vegetables from Thanksgiving.

Potato & Cheddar Cheese Stew - a lot of left-over mashed potatoes from your Thanksgiving dinner? Well here is a great and flavourful recipe to use them up.

Quick Cassoulet - inspired by the original French recipe - this is so much quicker & easier. A real change of taste for your Thanksgiving left-over turkey


Mashed Potato Dumplings - if you're making a stew, why not make these dumplings and use up your left-over mashed potatoes?

Dressing Dumplings - this recipe uses up your left-over dressing to create mouth-watering dumplings to go with your stew Thanksgiving Stew.

Crockpot Stew Recipes

Turkey Stew with dumplings - this easy to prepare stew will use up a lot of your left-overs and creates a nice hearty meal. Pair this with a dumpling recipe and you have a complete meal in one pot.

Turkey & White Bean Chili - Here is an unusual - but- tasty way to use up some turkey. It sure doesn't taste like Thanksgiving dinner.

Mexican Turkey Stew - This is a nice & spicy stew. Great for a cool day and ready for when you come in. A unique Thanksgiving Left-over recipe.

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