St Patricks Parfait Recipes
Go Green for Irish

St Patricks Parfait Recipes - between the Leprechauns and bleeding Shamrocks - what's a girl to do ?

Well - Get my green on, I guess for St Patricks Day.

So, here is my collection of recipes for St Patricks Parfaits.

St Patricks Parfait

All the flavours of a Key Lime Pie, with no cooking involved. Just a little green added by the Leprechaun.

St Patricks Recipe

Refreshing mint flavour with a tint of green - must of rubbed off from the Shamrock.

St Patricks Shamrock Parfait

The Shamrock must have tinted this Lime Pie in a glass as well.

St Patricks Favourite Parfait

Also the Leprechaun's favourite - chocolate and mint - with his "touch o' the Irish" colouring - of course.

St Patricks Mint Parfait

Green coloured rice pudding with mint extract is the top layer here. And what is mint without some chocolate - so there is a crumbled brownie base.

St Patricks Kiwi parfait

Only 2 ingredients in this one - really easy and simple.

Kiwi and rice pudding - a great combination.

St Patricks Rice Pudding

Another one the Leprechauns got into with some "touch o' Irish" green food colouring.

But it is basically just kiwi and rice pudding.

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